5680 Powell Road
New Vienna, OH 45159

Web site:

Owner/s: Tammy Bowles

Business Description: StoryBlox is a small online retailer of handmade educational children's toys, keepsakes, and promotional items. We are based in New Vienna, and do not currently have a retail outlet, but local customers can avoid delivery fees by picking up their orders at my home just outside of New Vienna.

Recent changes in the toy regulation laws that unfairly impacted small toy manufacturers caused us to shut our doors for a few months, but we will be reopening starting May 3, 2010. We will start by listing our keepsake and promotional items, and hope to have our full line of products available again before the Christmas season starts.

Unique Products/Services: We started out with NurseryBlox(tm): a set of educational blocks with nursery rhyme text on the sides that could be used like regular building blocks, or arranged in order to read the stories. Our product line has since expanded to include various educational toys, keepsake items and promotional products.

Ownership type: Family owned, Locally (Clinton County) owned, Privately Owned, Independently owned

Free, public Wi-Fi: No

Website/Orders: Open 24/7
Phone: 10am - 6pm

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