You've seen the window decals, you're heard about the key chains, now its time to join Clinton County by Buying Local First.

In recent months, a network of businesses and consumers has formed and grown to raise awareness of the economic impact of buying local. As our community confronts difficult economic times, every dollar we spend counts, and buying local is one of the most important contributions you can make to the community. 

To make buying local as easy, valuable and convenient as possible, we've compiled a great set of resources to get you started. Be sure to spread the buy local gospel by sharing this site with your friends, family, & co-workers, and when you're out buying local thank our local business owners and let them know that you're supporting them because they're local!!

If you're a business owner, we've also put together a set of resources for you to help get you involved with the Buy Local First campaign. If you know of a business that isn't part of the campaign--but should be--encourage them to visit this site or contact us:

Thank you for your support. Happy shopping!!!

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